Over The Top Wakesurf


Over The Top Wakesurf

Who We Are

Our crew has been wakeboarding, wakesurfing and waterskiing for well over twenty years. We have it down to a science. Not only will your day be epic and beautiful, but you can relax and have confidence in your captain and crew.

The Experience

Our ultra-luxury water sports charters are for those who expect only the best. Wakesurf, wakeboard, or tube behind the ultimate water sports boat – The Malibu 26LSV. Whether you are looking to learn water sports for the first time or are looking to hone your skills, we will curate an unforgettable day on the water.

The Equipment

We have curated the best crew and wakesurf boats in the world to provide a top-tier water sports experience right here in Miami. Having the right gear matters… Our equipment is new every season.

Miami's Premier Water Sports Charter

Luxury Charter Crafted For You

Experience wakesurfing, wakeboarding, tubing & more

How It Works

Unlike other charter services, we head out on the water with both a Captain and instructor.  You have peace of mind that your Captain is focused on driving, while still recieving professional instruction when you are behind the boat. 

Our crew are experts at fun. Hang out, relax, and listen to some music while your friends & family learn to wakesurf or wakeboard.

Wakesurf boat in Miami

Professional Instruction

First time riding? Learn to drop the rope and surf the endless wakesurf wave or get behind the boat on the wakeboard or tube!

Been out before? Our professional water sports coaches can take your riding to the next level! 

Dropping the rope wakesurfing in Miami